Remote Moving, 2001

Exhibition detail
Remote Moving
Curator: Mira Putišová
Venue: CC Center, Bratislava (SK)

The exhibition space of the CC Center is currently not a very sought-after space for realizations within the current art scene. It was a certain specificity of the space (in this case, perhaps negative for other exhibition projects) that attracted the attention of artist Stano Masár.

His project "Remote Moving" practically benefits from all its shortcomings and specifics. However, not in a negative sense, that means that the artist does not point to them on purpose, but on the contrary, considers them necessary for his artistic realization.

The project "Remote Moving" can be freely included in the field of specific site, i.e. art created for a specific space. In this case, however, the artistic realization together with the space in which it was created is a compact whole, from which the installation can no longer be separated.

For a long time, the artist has been designing environments that he deliberately visually manipulates and creates the impression of an optical illusion in opposition to actual reality. "Remote Moving" is a concrete subject realization of the design of a certain environment.

In this project, the artist, by placing common civilian street artefacts (a piece of sidewalk, lawn, trash can, trash...) and blocking the view through the existing window of the exhibition space, creates a visual atmosphere of shifting the real street outside the interior space into it.

Manipulation in this case does not negate the seen reality and does not present a different vision of reality, but creates the illusion of seeing the same reality, but with a certain shift within the defined space.

Mira Putišová, exhibition curator
28. 9. 2001