Remote Moving, 2001

Artwork details
Remote Moving
Site-specific installation
View of the installation in CC Center Bratislava, 2001
This is a project where the artist, by relocating ordinary civic artefacts of the street (bit of pavement, grass verge, litter bin, rubbish…) and by cutting off the view through the existing window of the exhibition space, creates a visual atmosphere of the real street outside the interior space being displaced into it. The manipulation in this instance does not negate seen reality and does not present a different vision of reality; rather it creates the illusion of seeing that same reality, but with a certain shift in terms of the demarcated space.
–Mira Putišová, 2001–

The Remote Moving exhibition follows on from other executed works which do not respect the enclosed boundaries of space and unexpectedly outgrow them. It exploits its givens and plays with the viewer, shifting and mixing the boundaries of outer and inner space by translocating civic objects from a Petržalka street to the gallery.
–Viera Jančeková, 2001–