Good Feelings, 2018

Artwork details
Good Feelings
White chalk on asphalt.
Realization: Visual stage / Pohoda Festival, 2018
“Hopscotch” is a game that all of us know since childhood. I modified the structure of the playing field, giving it a new shape, and I increased the original number of sections of the playing surface (typically 8 to 12) to the maximum number possible within the limits of the given space. This produced a long series of consecutive numbers offering a new form of an experience that we remember from childhood. The rules are plain: hopping on one leg, the player must traverse the course from one point to another. Some people may find it a challenge to go over the entire course of the game, or to “hop into” the game in any given place and for joy, with memories of childhood, to cover a certain part of the course. For the joy of personal intervention, for the joy of interaction with the other people there.