Performances in Relocated Spaces, 2012

Performances in Relocated Spaces
Performances in Relocated Spaces
Angela Freiberger (in MoMA Space)
Akihiro Hirano (in MoMA Space)
Tomasz Wendland (with Tate Modern Corner in MoMA Space)
Juraj Čarný (in MoMA Space)
Magda Stanová (in MoMA Space)
Martin Zet (in MoMA Space)
Grzerorz Pleszynski (in MoMA Space)
Richard Fajnor (in MoMA Space)
Jesus Palomino (in MoMA Space and Tate Modern Corner at the same time)
Jae Wook Le (on the way from MoMA Space to Tate Modern Corner)
Laurence Harvey (in Tate Modern Corner)
Artwork details
Performances in Relocated Spaces
Open art project
 While showing two pieces of mine – perfect replicas of admireable art spaces of Tate Modern and MoMA – during Manifesta in 2012, I asked artists coming to the spaces take an opportunity to perform in this piece. Series of documentation of these performances raised in couple of days.